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The short film is premiering today! I’m so excited but nervous at the same time! Come out you guys! Come watch us act serious on the screen! Trust me, you guys are gonna wanna see this 😂 oh, and bring tissues! You might cry! Hah 😁

Now that the short film is done. I need to go shoot photos again. It’s been way too long… I can’t keep going through my gallery from way back just so I have something to post. Let’s all go out and shoot soon you guys! 😔

Sorry for double opting today guise.. But I had to get rid of the numbers of pictures I’ve posted before this.. I’m just gonna flip right over that.. Haha so anyways, Thursday night? Me? You? Movie night at Maharlika? Ok cool.. See you soon 😂

Screening premier is this Thursday 8pm at Maharlika! (14255 Beach Blvd Jacksonville Fl) Everyone is invited! The more the merrier! It’s @1o1films’ biggest project yet! It would mean a lot if you guys come out and support us! Hope to see you guys there! 😁

So we had this brilliant idea of a way to show everyone the short film. We all wanted to watch it together, so why not invite every single body we know!? Or even people that just wants to watch it? You don’t have to know us, just come and enjoy a good Filipino meal and let’s watch it all together!! There’s always room for new friends! 😁 Everyone is invited!! Hit us up if you guys have any questions! It’s most like going to be next week. Well keep you guys updated by tomorrow! Graphic designed by the coolest dude @joshbantigue!

Bringing ideas to life.. 👈 could not fit any better in my life right now.. I’ve always been my own worse critic but as I was editing the short film last night, I literally teared up in one of the scene. It was very well executed by @greyzieee and @illxphil along with @grant_foreman.. It came out way better than I had planned it to be. I think I am going to breakdown and cry after this is done. So much effort and dedication with a f%#* load of emotions out to this.. 3 more scenes and it is over..

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